Shelbyville High School
Kathleen Miltz, Principal
2003 South Miller Street
Shelbyville, IN 46176
Phone: 317-398-9731
Fax: 317-392-5709

The Anime Club was started in 2007 by Sarjikia Hendricks, Stefani Ritters, Rachael Carlton, and Jessie Cox. The club meets the last two Mondays of each month. The club sponsor is Mr. Von Werder. The club invites anyone who loves anime and who enjoys a little bit of craziness. What is anime? Anime is a Japanese word meaning animation. There are a lot of animated creations; for instance Walt Disney's "Spirited Away". Anime can be in a lot of different languages, but the most popular is Japanese. Anime is also made or translated into Korean, French, Spanish, and English forms. Anime is a form of entertainment in these different cultures. It comes in the form of TV shows, movies, graphic novels, and some video games. What do you do in Anime Club? Activities such as games, cooking foods that are seen in some anime, cosplay, and much more. Please join if you are interested in some craziness.

If you want to chat with our members. It is also made so that you can talk to other Anime Clubs in the U.S. You can go to our web site at www.hsanimeclub.com/forum