Shelbyville High School
Kathleen Miltz, Principal
2003 South Miller Street
Shelbyville, IN 46176
Phone: 317-398-9731
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Percentage Letter Grade Regular Index* A.P. Index *
100-99 A+ 4.33 5.33
98-93 A 4.00 5.00
92-90 A- 3.67 4.67
89-88 B+ 3.33 4.33
87-83 B 3.00 4.00
82-80 B- 2.67 3.67
79-78 C+ 2.33 3.33
77-73 C 2.00 3.00
72-70 C- 1.67 2.67
69-68 D+ 1.33 2.33
67-63 D 1.00 2.00
62-60 D- 0.67 1.67
59-00 F 0.00 0.00

*Index used by guidance only in determining GPA and class rank. Grades are based on a 4-point scale. See course guide for information on weighted classes that use the A.P. index.

Letter Grade Definition

P=Pass (Credits issued but no points earned)
WF=Withdraw Fail
AU=Audit (Course retaken to improve skills but no credits or points figured into GPA. Grade will show on transcript.)

GPA and class rank for graduating seniors will be based on the classes completed by the last day of that school year.

Semester Grades

Each 9 weeks grade is counted as 40% of the semester grade. The semester exam will be counted as 20% of the semester grade.

All grades transferred to Shelbyville High School will be recorded on the regular grading scale.

Classes taken in summer school prior to entering the 9th grade will be recorded on the regular grading scale.

Transfer Grades

All grades transferred to Shelbyville High School will be recorded on the regular index grading scale. High school classes taken in summer school for high school credit prior to entering the 9th grade will be recorded on the regular index grading scale. The credit will be added to the first semester grades in figuring GPA and class rank.

Compensation For Seven Classes

One point is added to the total grade points for a seventh class each semester before the Grade Point Average is computed. This will compensate students who wish to take a class in lieu of a study hall. The class must be taken at SHS during the semester that it is to be counted.

Home School and Non-Public School Credits

Shelbyville Central School has established a policy regarding the accepting of credits from home school and other nonpublic school programs. A summary of the policy is listed here.

For credits to be accepted for courses taken in a nonpublic school, there must be verification that:

  • the course was taught by a certified teacher, and/or the student passes the comprehensive final exam given to all other Shelbyville students;
  • the course met the time requirements established by the State of Indiana;
  • course content is comparable to Corporation-established courses of study.

Recognition of credits from a nonpublic/home school shall be granted when the above stated criteria are met and upon satisfactory completion of any achievement tests given by the administration. Although credits from nonpublic school/home schools may be granted and placed on a student's transcript, no grades will be entered on the transcript or considered for class ranking. Only grades awarded for courses taken at the Corporation or from a school accredited by the Indiana Department of Education or such departments in other states shall be considered in class ranking and for entering on the transcript.