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Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs

Academic Teams

General Info

The Academic Team season spans from August to early May. All-Academic Teams typically meet twice a week throughout the school year. Students can participate in one or all of the different types of competitions. The Shelbyville High School Academic Team is a member of the HHC (Hoosier Heritage Conference) and is invited to an invitational for the Spell Bowl, the Quiz League, and the Super Bowl. During the Quiz League portion of the season, the Academic Team participates in the White River League, which also holds its own invitational. The competitions, many of which are held on the road, occur immediately after school or on Saturday's. Shelbyville High School is a division one academic competitor.

Spell Bowl

The Spell Bowl team consists of ten members, with alternates as needed. Participants receive a word list early in the season, and practices are usually twice a week. In competitions, each school spells 90 words total. The words are split up into ten sets, and the schools send up one person per set. However, if a school has fewer than ten students, they receive an automatic 'zero' on each set for which they do not have a speller. During the Area match, the goal is to score high enough in order to qualify for state.

Sponsors: Ms. Ulloa & Mr. von Werder
Quiz League

Quiz League, which competes in the White River Academic League, is divided up into two groups: Varsity and Junior Varsity. This allows a wider range of participation. In competitions, two five-member teams compete in a four-round match, in which the teams must buzz in to answer. Substitutions are made after each round, which allows the teams to shuffle around the members and make sure everyone is included. During two round, teams can collaborate. The four rounds consist of toss-up questions and two-minute rounds. In the toss-up rounds, anyone can buzz in to answer, but if the answer is incorrect, the other team is given the opportunity to guess. In the bonus round, anyone can buzz in and answer, and if the answer is correct, their team gets the "first shot" at both bonus questions. If they answer incorrectly, the other team gets to guess. In the minute round, each team is given a list of categories. One at a time, the teams attempt to answer as many questions as possible, out of ten, within one minute. The categories are randomly chosen and usually unrelated. In this round, the team members can converse before the captain answers each question. There are seven matches during the regular season and one tournament in which the teams compete in order to attempt to advance to the state level.
Sponsors: Mrs. W. Campbell (Latin) & Mr. von Werder

Brain Game

The Brain Game is comparable to Quiz League, but the major differences are that the team has four members, their competitions are televised, and it is more fast paced than a standard quiz league competition. All Brain Game competitions, including those between other schools, are televised by Channel 13 WTHR and usually air on Saturday at seven p.m. If teams place within the top eight schools, they receive money for their school, donated by Westfield Insurance.

Westfield Insurance Brain Game

Sponsors: Mrs. W. Campbell (Latin) & Mr. von Werder
Super Bowl

Super bowl is the spring portion of the Academic Team, which is broken down into five areas of study. A topic is announced by the preceding May. The five subjects are Fine Arts, English (Literature), Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each team can have up to five players, with one player as the captain. The competitions are divided into six sections, with two members and the captain from each team competing, one at a time, and an interdisciplinary round, which contains questions from any of the five subjects. There are two competitions yearly for Academic Super Bowl and practices begin shortly after Christmas Break.

Sponsors:  Mr. Lux, Mr. Nance, Mrs. Nance, Mr. Smith, & Mr. Uehling, Ms. Ulloa

World Language Clubs

Le Cercle Français
French Club is open to any student enrolled in French class.  French Club aims to build interest and encourage awareness for the French language and Francophone culture to students of all levels. Some of our activities include:  celebrations on Francophone holidays, movie night, Homecoming parade, sampling French food, etc. French Club meets after school every 6 weeks for about an hour.
Sponsor: Madame Elkins
Latin Club
Latin Club was started in the 1960s by Ms. Kelley, the Latin teacher at the time. Currently, there are about 50 members. The Latin Club meets monthly either at the school or somewhere in the community, and any Latin student in years I through IV is invited to come. Latin Club usually meets at least once a month to get everyone together and celebrate a certain event or festival that is seasonal or related to the ancient world. In March each year, our club also takes delegates to compete for 2 days at the Indiana Junior Classical League Convention. The purpose of the Latin Club is to promote fellowship among all members and to have fun learning about Latin and Roman culture. Our club is run by a Republican model of government: students annually elect juniors and seniors to the offices of consul (2), praetor, quaestor & aedile.  In 2014, Mrs. Campbell also started a Latin Honor Society, reserved for those students who have earned an average for the year in levels I-III or a B average in IV/AP. Latin Honor Society inductees must also be Latin Club members in good standing. Honor Society students sign up twice a week to tutor other Latin students after school. Latin Honor Society students must earn 4+ points per school year, by tutoring or doing other activities, in order to remain a member in good standing. Latin Honor Society students receive a purple & gold cord to wear at graduation their senior year.  More Information on upcoming events can be found here.
Sponsor:  Mrs. Campbell
Spanish Club
Spanish Club is made up of Spanish students of all levels and native speakers. Our goal for the club is to practice speaking Spanish with one another and learn more about the hispanic culture by participating in culturally authentic games, dances, celebrations, holidays, and meals.

We meet monthly after school. Students in Spanish or native speakers of Spanish are invited to join. We decorated the homecoming banner and walked in the parade. We also had a meeting with an exchange student from Spain, Natalia, and we enjoyed chips and salsa while we interviewed her in Spanish and English about Spain. Our Christmas meeting we made and decorated pinatas. In February, we plan to snack and play loteria, an authentic Mexican bingo game. It's a good opportunity for students to enjoy Spanish language and culture outside the confines of the classroom!
Sponsors: Mr. Shively and Mrs. Etter
Japanese Club
The Japanese Club was started in 1999 by Ms. Gotshall and her Japanese students at the time. The club meets every other Monday after school. The club involves any Japanese students who can pay small dues and show up to the meetings. The Japanese Club gets together in order to make food and crafts, play games, and sing songs. Students also participate in a tea ceremony, making calligraphy, and making flower arrangements. The goal of the club is to provide culturally authentic experiences for students interested in learning about Japan.
Sponsor: Mr. von Werder

Music and Drama

Choral Chamber Ensemble
The SHS Choral Chamber ensemble is comprised of young men and women in grades nine through twelve. Students in this ensemble must already participate in one or more of the large choral ensembles at Shelbyville High School. Students study a wide variety of musical repertoire in this class, including solo art songs, classical chamber music, as well as Broadway, pop and holiday appropriate repertoire. This group performs at high school concerts and special holiday events.
The Choraliers is an ensemble of young men and women in grades nine through twelve. This beginning concert choir studies a variety of musical styles throughout the course of the year. The group performs regularly at high school concerts and ISSMA organizational contests.
Synergy is the award-winning show choir from Shelbyville High School in Shelbyville, Indiana.  Synergy is a very active ensemble that performs regularly at high school concerts and special events, show choir competitions, and various community functions in the Central Indiana area. Credits for this award winning show choir include Best Vocals, Best Choreography, Best Backup Band, Best Technical Crew, and the choir has been named Grand Champion at numerous show choir competitions.  The choir consists of 30 singer-dancers, a 17-piece backup band, and a 16-person technical crew. In addition to leading busy performance lives, the choir’s membership is very active in a variety of other extra-curricular activities at Shelbyville High School, including the National Honor Society, SADD, various academic teams and foreign language clubs, student council, drama club and other vocal and instrumental ensembles. A number of students are also cheerleaders or play high school football, baseball, or participate on the swimming and cross country teams.  This year, Synergy’s competitive program is inspired by the tale of Scheherazade and the Arabian Nights, and the choir will appear in competition at Center Grove, Anderson, South Dearborn, and the Heart of America competition in Cincinnati. Synergy is directed by Joel Kenemore, choreographed by Mike Weaver, accompanied by Cynthia Morningstar, and the technical crew is led by Lee Kremer.

Anime Club

The Anime Club was started in 2007 by Sarjikia Hendricks, Stefani Ritters, Rachael Carlton, and Jessie Cox. The club meets every other Monday, and the club invites anyone who loves anime, manga, and fun. What do you do in Anime Club? We have several activities that we plan such as games, cooking foods that are seen in some anime, cosplay, watch anime, party, and so much more. This is a great opportunity to connect with other anime lovers at Shelbyville High School, and beyond. Feel free to look us up on Twitter @SHSAnimeHorde!
Sponsor: Mr. von Werder



Business Professionals of America (BPA)

Business Professionals of America is the leading CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields.  BPA has 43,000 members in over 2,300 chapters in 23 states. BPA is a co-curricular organization that supports business and information technology educators by offering co-curricular exercises based on national standards.  The Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP) prepares students to succeed and assesses real-world business skills and problem-solving abilities in finance, management, IT and computer applications. It is BPA's showcase program and facilitates students demonstrating their career skills at regional, state and national conferences in 72 competitive events.  Some of BPA's other major programs include the National Leadership Academy, Officer Elections, and scholarships. The Torch Awards Program and BPA Cares Program recognize students and chapters, respectively, for their leadership and service to their chapter and community.  The mission of Business Professionals of America is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. Please visit our website for information about our local chapter.
Sponsor: Mrs. Fox

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student-led organization that challenges coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA is the largest interdenominational, school-based, Christian sports organization in America. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ.  The FCA Huddle at Shelbyville High School started in 1976. Several teachers (Huddle Coaches) help sponsor FCA, but the meetings are run by the Student Leadership Team. Our Huddle currently has approximately 60 members who meet every Tuesday morning at 6:50 in Mr. Nance's room 509. The meetings include prayer, discussions about various topics, and planning for Community Service projects. You do not have to be involved with athletics to be involved with FCA. Anyone is welcome to become a part of the FCA organization.
Sponsors:  Mr. & Mrs. Nance

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

We are members of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. Our mission is to promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education.  Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communications, practical knowledge and vocational preparation.  As we work toward the accomplishment of our goals, we learn cooperation, take responsibility, develop leadership and give service.
Sponsor:  Mrs. Dewell

Military Club

Learn about all Branches of Service:
  • Learn the benefits of each military branch
  • Scholarships for a full ride to any college
 What you will be learning by joining:
  • Resumes; develop and maintain
  • Public speaking; briefs
  • Mentor others
  • Job shadowing and internships
  • Change a flat tire and PMCS
  • Physical Fitness
  • Color Guard and Honor Guard
  • Plus a lot more...
Sponsors:  Mrs. Bishop & SSG Rex Martindale
National Art Honor Society (NAHS)
The National Art Honor Society was established in 1978 in the United States by the National Art Education Association for high school students grades 11-12, for "the purpose of inspiring and recognizing those students who have shown an outstanding ability in art.” 

Requirements for Application:

  • You must be a 10th-12th grader.
  • You must take at least one art class.
  • You must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0.
  • You must love art and have the desire to work on community art projects.
For more information please visit the NAHS website.
Sponsor:  Mrs. Renwick

Speech & Debate
Speech and Debate team consists of a group of students who participate in a variety of public speaking events. Students will practice and prepare interpretation, informative, or argumentative speeches in preparation for competitions throughout the state. The team allows for an encouraging and creative environment for students to work on leadership skills, teamwork, and character development in addition to public speaking. Speech and Debate team encourages students who are interested in the dramatic arts, creative writing performance, and political debate to participate. The season lasts from October through March each academic year and participants are accepted through an application process at the beginning of the season.
Sponsors: Mrs. Witsman and Mrs. Burney

Student Council

The student Government Represents all SHS students. Members of the Student Council are selected by popular vote of their representative classmates. the purpose of the Student Council is as follows:
  • To allow students a voice in decisions regarding school policies and procedures.
  • To create and enhance school spirit and pride throughout the entire student body.
In order to achieve these goals, certain activities are used along with school-wide efforts, including:
  • Planning Homecoming
  • Raising Money for Riley Children's Hospital
  • Planning Snowcoming
  • Participating in 8th Grade Parent Night
  • Organizing gifts for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Participating in Day of Community
Elections are held at the end of the school year. A walk-on program also allows any students to join without running for election by completing the necessary requirements. More information is available from the sponsor or other Student Council members.
Sponsor: Mr. Hensley

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

Students Against Destructive Decisions at Shelbyville High School exists to positively influence teenagers to make wise decisions regarding themselves and their relationships with others. By being positive role models, SADD's student body will address issues such as drinking, drugs, violence, suicide, and other serious issues to try to sway teenagers from making destructive decisions. SADD encourages positive relationships and community service that will better the lives of others through mature and responsible behavior. Members of SADD are expected to take their commitment to SADD seriously and effectively by not engaging in destructive behavior and encouraging positive decision-making skills.
Sponsor:  Mr. Kleinsteiber


The Student to Student mentoring program at SHS was created with the purpose of enabling students to set positive goals for their lives and have the opportunities and tools to accomplish them. Also, the program aims to bring a diverse student group together to learn from one anothers unique experiences, strengths, and challenges.  For more information visit our website.
Sponsors: Mrs. Beyer and Mr. Kleinsteiber
Table Top Club

Tabletop Club is primarily for students interested in tabletop board games, role playing games and collectible card games.  The club encourages interest in these games within the school and encourages investment of time and energy in a proactive social pastime in a student's own time as well. Students can expect to hone problem-solving, speaking, organization and conflict management skills through positive peer interaction during play. Students will also have the opportunity to meet other students with similar interests. Tabletop Club meets every week, usually in the library media center. For meeting times and other club information, please contact Mr. Merideth.
Sponsors: Mr. Merideth and Mr. Stenger