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Le Cercle Français
French Club is open to any student enrolled in French class.  French Club aims to build interest and encourage awareness for the French language and Francophone culture to students of all levels. Some of our activities include:  celebrations on Francophone holidays, movie night, Homecoming parade, sampling French food, etc. French Club meets after school every 6 weeks for about an hour.
Sponsor: Madame Elkins
Latin Club
Latin Club was started in the 1960s by Ms. Kelley, the Latin teacher at the time. Currently, there are about 50 members. The Latin Club meets monthly either at the school or somewhere in the community, and any Latin student in years I through IV is invited to come. Latin Club usually meets at least once a month to get everyone together and celebrate a certain event or festival that is seasonal or related to the ancient world. In March each year, our club also takes delegates to compete for 2 days at the Indiana Junior Classical League Convention. The purpose of the Latin Club is to promote fellowship among all members and to have fun learning about Latin and Roman culture. Our club is run by a Republican model of government: students annually elect juniors and seniors to the offices of consul (2), praetor, quaestor & aedile.  In 2014, Mrs. Campbell also started a Latin Honor Society, reserved for those students who have earned an average for the year in levels I-III or a B average in IV/AP. Latin Honor Society inductees must also be Latin Club members in good standing. Honor Society students sign up twice a week to tutor other Latin students after school. Latin Honor Society students must earn 4+ points per school year, by tutoring or doing other activities, in order to remain a member in good standing. Latin Honor Society students receive a purple & gold cord to wear at graduation their senior year.  More Information on upcoming events can be found here.
Sponsor:  Mrs. Campbell
Spanish Club
Spanish Club is made up of Spanish students of all levels and native speakers. Our goal for the club is to practice speaking Spanish with one another and learn more about the hispanic culture by participating in culturally authentic games, dances, celebrations, holidays, and meals.

We meet monthly after school. Students in Spanish or native speakers of Spanish are invited to join. We decorated the homecoming banner and walked in the parade. We also had a meeting with an exchange student from Spain, Natalia, and we enjoyed chips and salsa while we interviewed her in Spanish and English about Spain. Our Christmas meeting we made and decorated pinatas. In February, we plan to snack and play loteria, an authentic Mexican bingo game. It's a good opportunity for students to enjoy Spanish language and culture outside the confines of the classroom!
Sponsors: Mr. Shively and Mrs. Etter
Japanese Club
The Japanese Club was started in 1999 by Ms. Gotshall and her Japanese students at the time. The club meets every other Monday after school. The club involves any Japanese students who can pay small dues and show up to the meetings. The Japanese Club gets together in order to make food and crafts, play games, and sing songs. Students also participate in a tea ceremony, making calligraphy, and making flower arrangements. The goal of the club is to provide culturally authentic experiences for students interested in learning about Japan.
Sponsor: Mr. von Werder