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Academic Teams

Academic Teams

General Info

The Academic Team season spans from August to early May. All-Academic Teams typically meet twice a week throughout the school year. Students can participate in one or all of the different types of competitions. The Shelbyville High School Academic Team is a member of the HHC (Hoosier Heritage Conference) and is invited to an invitational for the Spell Bowl, the Quiz League, and the Super Bowl. During the Quiz League portion of the season, the Academic Team participates in the White River League, which also holds its own invitational. The competitions, many of which are held on the road, occur immediately after school or on Saturday's. Shelbyville High School is a division one academic competitor.

Spell Bowl

The Spell Bowl team consists of ten members, with alternates as needed. Participants receive a word list early in the season, and practices are usually twice a week. In competitions, each school spells 90 words total. The words are split up into ten sets, and the schools send up one person per set. However, if a school has fewer than ten students, they receive an automatic 'zero' on each set for which they do not have a speller. During the Area match, the goal is to score high enough in order to qualify for state.

Sponsors: Ms. Ulloa & Mr. von Werder
Quiz League

Quiz League, which competes in the White River Academic League, is divided up into two groups: Varsity and Junior Varsity. This allows a wider range of participation. In competitions, two five-member teams compete in a four-round match, in which the teams must buzz in to answer. Substitutions are made after each round, which allows the teams to shuffle around the members and make sure everyone is included. During two round, teams can collaborate. The four rounds consist of toss-up questions and two-minute rounds. In the toss-up rounds, anyone can buzz in to answer, but if the answer is incorrect, the other team is given the opportunity to guess. In the bonus round, anyone can buzz in and answer, and if the answer is correct, their team gets the "first shot" at both bonus questions. If they answer incorrectly, the other team gets to guess. In the minute round, each team is given a list of categories. One at a time, the teams attempt to answer as many questions as possible, out of ten, within one minute. The categories are randomly chosen and usually unrelated. In this round, the team members can converse before the captain answers each question. There are seven matches during the regular season and one tournament in which the teams compete in order to attempt to advance to the state level.
Sponsors: Mrs. W. Campbell (Latin) & Mr. von Werder

Brain Game

The Brain Game is comparable to Quiz League, but the major differences are that the team has four members, their competitions are televised, and it is more fast paced than a standard quiz league competition. All Brain Game competitions, including those between other schools, are televised by Channel 13 WTHR and usually air on Saturday at seven p.m. If teams place within the top eight schools, they receive money for their school, donated by Westfield Insurance.

Westfield Insurance Brain Game

Sponsors: Mrs. W. Campbell (Latin) & Mr. von Werder
Super Bowl

Super bowl is the spring portion of the Academic Team, which is broken down into five areas of study. A topic is announced by the preceding May. The five subjects are Fine Arts, English (Literature), Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each team can have up to five players, with one player as the captain. The competitions are divided into six sections, with two members and the captain from each team competing, one at a time, and an interdisciplinary round, which contains questions from any of the five subjects. There are two competitions yearly for Academic Super Bowl and practices begin shortly after Christmas Break.

Sponsors:  Mr. Lux, Mr. Nance, Mrs. Nance, Mr. Smith, & Mr. Uehling, Ms. Ulloa